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Precautions When Using Cold Room For Fruits

Views: 83801/03/2020  

Precautions when using cold room for fruits to keep fresh:

1. Temperature
It is the key to control the temperature in cold storage by using cold storage technology. As a short-term storage of pure vegetable products, the temperature in the general cold storage should be controlled at 2℃ to 4 ℃. For vegetables (such as cucumbers, balsam pear, etc.) that are vulnerable to cold damage, they can be placed in the cold storage at 5℃ to 7 ℃, or take measures such as covering the quilt to keep the vegetables from freezing. The aged vegetables such as garlic bolt and broccoli should be stored at 0 ℃. To ensure the quality of finished vegetables, avoid drastic temperature changes and enhance respiratory metabolism, vegetable dressing and mulching should also be carried out at 2℃ to 5 ℃.

2. Humidity
To ensure the freshness of vegetables and reduce water loss and wilting, the humidity during storage and processing is generally controlled at 80% to 95%. And in the storage process, according to the storage volume and the temperature of the warehouse, pay attention to ventilation at any time.
cold room for fruits3. Proper airing
The surface water content of Lentinus edodes, onion, ginger and other varieties with large surface water content must be properly dried before storage to reduce the water content on the surface of vegetables and extend the storage period.

4. Prevention of heaped pressure
Vegetables entering the warehouse shall be placed on the shelves or stacked in the warehouse to prevent mechanical damage or heat in the stack caused by excessive stacking pressure, resulting in the decline of vegetable quality.



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