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Characteristics of Refrigerated Door for Cold Room

Views: 73201/06/2020  

Characteristics of refrigerated door for cold room

①  PU material is used as the sandwich panel for cold room, solid corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy profile is used for the upper and lower tracks, special materials are used for the one-time injection molding of nylon roller, aluminum alloy profile plastic cold bridge are used for the door frame to block the cold source and avoid running cold. The opening and closing of the sliding door adopt the structure of "floating opening and sinking closing", making full use of the gravity principle to maintain the sealing effect of the door body and the sealing strip is not easy to wear. The sealing strip is made of EPDM, which has good chemical stability and aging resistance.

② All steel parts screws are galvanized, reinforced and corrosion-resistant, easy to open and close, internal and external switches, simple maintenance.

③ The low-temperature storage door is equipped with imported electric heating wire, which will not freeze at -40°C.

④ The net size of the door opening is optional within 3000 * 5000.

⑤ Opening direction: it can be left or right in any direction.

⑥ The steel plate material can be stainless steel or color steel plate.

⑦ Anti-collision plates can be installed.

refrigerated door for cold room

It is very important to design the door plate of the sliding door, but the design of the sliding bearing is also very important, which should be given high attention. At present, the best sliding door system is to use the self-weight of the door to automatically block when the door moves to the closed position. The design is that the nylon bearing installed on two corners of the door plate slides in the track with a 90°, and has a special adjustable actuator. There is a groove on the track. When the door is closed in place, the nylon wheel falls into the groove to stop the door movement and form a good seal with the ground and the door frame. Because this action occurs when the door moves to the closed position, it will not cause great wear to the sealing strip. Unlike some systems, its slide rail gradually bends to the door frame and threshold, and the door wedge inclines to the door frame, which will cause continuous wear to the sealing strip. During manual operation, the handle is used to move out of the groove, and the door will lose its sealing function. Once the door is back on the track, it can be closed and opened conveniently. This reliable closing action can prevent the door from opening slightly, resulting in poor sealing.



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