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Small Cold Storage Refrigeration Equipment Selection

Views: 58001/14/2020  

Small cold room refrigeration equipment selection

The combination of refrigerator and condensing unit for cold room used in small-scale cold storage is often called a refrigeration unit, which is divided into a water-cooled unit and air-cooled unit. The air-cooled unit is the preferred form of small-scale cold storage. It has the advantages of simple, compact, easy installation, convenient operation, and few auxiliary equipment. This kind of refrigeration equipment is also the heart of the refrigeration equipment. The common compression refrigeration machines are divided into open type, semi-closed type, and full closed type. The hermetic compressor has the advantages of small volume, low noise, low power consumption, high efficiency, and energy-saving. It is the first choice for small cold storage. The air-cooled refrigeration unit mainly composed of totally enclosed compressors can be made in the form of a split air conditioner and hung on the wall.

cold room refrigeration equipment

Key points of small refrigerator design

If the temperature of the cold storage is below 0 ℃, the small assembled cold storage should be set up overhead on the ground to make it naturally ventilated. Small cold storage, the temperature in the cold storage is 5℃- 25 ℃, the cold storage plate can directly contact with the ground, but the ground should be flat. If high points are required, wooden strips can be placed under the cold storage to enhance ventilation; channel steel can also be placed under the cold storage to enhance ventilation.

Suggestions on installation of cold storage

There are two common construction methods of cold storage engineering, one is assembly cold storage engineering, the other is civil cold storage engineering.

At present, most of the sandwich panel for cold room choose polyurethane material: the cold storehouse plate is made of polyurethane rigid foam (PU), and the metal material such as plastic coated steel plate is used as the surface layer, which combines the superior heat insulation performance and the good mechanical strength of the cold store plate material. With the characteristics of long insulation life, simple maintenance, low cost, high strength, and lightweight, it is one of the best materials for cold storage insulation board selection.

Freon refrigeration unit, large-scale refrigeration unit, and small-scale refrigeration unit are mostly used in the selection of refrigeration equipment for cold storage project; Bitzer refrigeration unit imported from Germany and Meyole refrigeration unit imported from France have stable operation, low energy consumption, and low failure rate, so they are the first choice for cold storage at present.

It is very important whether the refrigeration equipment of the cold storage is properly configured. This is because the refrigeration unit with reasonable matching and reliable performance can not only meet the refrigeration capacity and storage process requirements of the product but also save energy and low failure rate. At present, some enterprises and individuals who want to build refrigerators blindly pursue low prices, ignoring whether the configuration and matching of refrigerators are reasonable, failing in refrigeration effect after use. Reasonable setting of refrigeration equipment for matching cold storage project may increase investment when building cold storage, but it saves a lot of money and effort in the long run.



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