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Different Types of Refrigerators

Views: 54701/15/2020  

According to the temperature, cold room refrigeration equipment can be divided into these types:

1. High-temperature small refrigerator: mainly used to store fruits and vegetables, eggs, medicinal materials, wood preservation, drying, etc. The temperature is usually between 0 ℃ and 15 ℃, which is cooled by air blower.

2. Small and medium temperature cold room for seafood: mainly used to store meat, seafood, poultry meat, etc. Generally, the storage temperature is from -15 ℃ to -18 ℃.

3. Low-temperature small refrigerator: also known as freezing warehouse, freezing refrigerator, through the cold fan or special freezing device to achieve the freezing of food; the temperature is from -18 ℃ to -25 ℃. It is mainly used for frozen food, industrial test, medical and other special purposes.

4. Quick-frozen small refrigerator: quick-frozen refrigerator, used for quick freezing of food.

cold room for seafood

Installation precautions:

1. The sampling pipe shall be 300 mm away from the wall or ceiling as far as possible to avoid frost.

2. The side opening is easy to produce condensate at the lower edge of the pipeline, and the side opening can avoid blocking the sampling hole after the condensate freezes.

3. The detection host is installed outside the refrigerator, and the exhaust shall be connected to the inside of the refrigerator.

4. The pipeline must be connected with a heater at the position from the inside of the cold storage to heat the air inside the pipeline so that the pipeline outside the cold storage will not be frozen by the influence of the cold air inside the cold storage.

A large number of surface condensation may occur in the frozen pipeline due to the high external temperature, resulting in a freeze-thaw cycle, resulting in possible health and safety risks.



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