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How long can fresh fruit be kept in the refrigerator?

Views: 59801/22/2020  

High-temperature summer is not conducive to put into cold room for fruits, it is best to buy a day to two days to enjoy while fresh. However, this is an ideal situation. Modern people are often too busy to buy food frequently, so they have to use the holiday to buy the whole week's weight at a time.

cold room for fruits

Place in a cool and ventilated place

If the fruit is ripe, it will be eaten in one to two days. As long as it is put in a cool place with ventilation and no sunshine, it can also be put in a bamboo basket or fruit plate, so that the natural and fresh fruit fragrance can add some charming flavor to the home.

Put it in the refrigerator

Some people are used to putting all the fruits they bought into the refrigerator for cold storage, especially in the hot summer. They are afraid that the fruits will be rotten in a few days. Moreover, the frozen fruits taste very cold and sweet.

Generally speaking, the storage temperature for fruits is between 7 ℃ and 13 ℃, and some fruits need a lower temperature, such as apples, grapes, peaches, plums, persimmons, etc. the refrigerator is a good place for them.

To refrigerate the fruit can not be cleaned first, as long as the plastic bags or paper bags are packed to prevent the fruit from evaporating. A few small holes can be made in the plastic bag to keep the air permeability, to avoid the accumulation of water vapor, which will cause the fruit to rot.

This fruit is not suitable for refrigerator

Not all the first fruits are suitable for keeping fresh in the refrigerator. Some fruits are naturally "afraid of cold", such as some bananas, mangoes, papayas, etc., which are native to the tropics. If they are put into the refrigerator, they will suffer "cold damage", causing spots on the peel or turning black-brown, damaging the quality and flavor of the fruit.



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