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Difference between air cooler and water cooler

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Difference between cold room air cooler and water cooler

1. Different cooling modes:

(1) The water-cooled tower needs to be cooled by water circulation. It has no metal radiator.

(2) Air cooling is the heat exchange between the fan and the radiator for heat dissipation, and the air is used to take away the heat.

2. Different media:

(1) Air cooling, with wind as the heat dissipation medium, the medium is air. The efficiency is relatively low, the installation is convenient, and the floor area is small.

(2) Water cooling is the use of water as a cooling medium. High efficiency, large floor area, need to install a professional cooling tower.

3. Different applications:

(1) Domestic air conditioning, limited by the environment and site, is generally air-cooled, simple in structure and easy to install.

(2) To reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of energy use, water-cooled units are used in commercial air conditioning.

3. The cooling effect is different: the air cooling system is not as fast as the water cooling system, and the cooling effect of the water cooling system is more obvious.

The advantages and disadvantages of water cooler and cold room air cooler:

1. Water cooler:

Advantages: better cooling performance, faster cooling.

Disadvantages: high power consumption, high noise, troublesome installation, and high price.

2. Cold room air cooler:

Advantages: simple installation, low noise, low power consumption, and low price.

Disadvantages: the cooling performance is not as good as that of water cooling, and it will be slightly insufficient in summer.

cold room air cooler


If the air cooling and heat dissipation can't suppress the temperature of the chipset, we should be careful when facing the water cooling. Because the cooling effect of the water-cooled radiator is not necessarily stronger than that of the air-cooled radiator, when your air-cooled radiator cannot suppress the heating of the chip, you should consider whether the cooling efficiency of the air-cooled equipment you choose matches the power consumption of the heating equipment. When you choose the water-cooled radiator, you also need to choose the theoretically suppressed water-cooled radiator.



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