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Condensing unit for cold room and evaporator

Views: 53702/04/2020  

1. Definition and type of condensing unit for cold room

A device that can transfer the heat of a hot fluid with a higher temperature to another cold fluid with a lower temperature is called a heat exchanger. In the refrigeration system, condensate is one of the main heat exchange equipment. Condenser can be divided into the air-cooled condenser, water-cooled condenser, and mixed condenser according to cooling medium and cooling mode.

2. Selection principle of condensing unit for cold room

(1) Vertical condenser is suitable for areas with rich water sources, poor water quality, and high water temperature.

(2) Horizontal condenser is widely used in small and Medium-sized Ammonia and Freon systems.

(3) Spray condenser is suitable for areas with low air temperature and humidity, insufficient water source or poor water quality.

(4) The evaporative condenser is suitable for water shortage areas. When the water quality is poor, it needs to be treated.

(5) The air-cooled condenser is only used in small cold storage equipment, while the water-cooled condenser can be used in all forms of refrigeration system, but it is not generally used in the ammonia refrigeration system.

(6) In terms of equipment cost and maintenance cost, the evaporative condenser is relatively high, but it can save water and energy during operation and can be used in large and medium-sized refrigeration units.

Condensing unit for cold room

1. Definition and type of evaporator

Evaporator is a kind of heat exchange equipment that produces and outputs cooling capacity in the refrigeration system and absorbs heat from outside the system. According to the different cooling mediums, the evaporator can be divided into three types: cooling liquid, cooling air and contact type.

2. Selection principle of evaporator

(1) The use conditions and technical conditions of the selected cooling equipment shall meet the requirements of the current standards for cooling devices and cooling equipment.

(2) The cooling room, freezing room or cold storage room of cooling materials in the cold storage should adopt dry cooling fan.

(3) When the food is frozen in plates, boxes or packages, the shelf type row tube or plate freezer shall be used.

(4) The wall and top pipes should be selected as food in the frozen storage room

When the product is well packed, the breeze speed dry cooling fan can be selected.

(5) When the net height of the cold storage building is less than 6m, the top row pipe can be used for laying. If the net height of the building is more than 6m, the smooth wall row pipe can be arranged.



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