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Fresh-keeping cold storage technology

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Cold room for fruits is widely built-in farmland, orchard, processing plant, agricultural market, meat market, supermarket, restaurant, canteen, sea boat, and other large and small places. Although the fruits and vegetables fresh-keeping cold storage are very extensive, there are still many customers who lack understanding of the fresh-keeping cold room for fruits technology, and they do not know how to select the type when planning, designing and installing. The common problems in the selection of general fruit and vegetable cold storage are as follows:

cold room for fruits

1. Air conditioning design of cold storage

Fruits and vegetables belong to the active body, which will produce respiration during storage and promote self ripening. It shortens the storage period and increases the rotten rate of fruits and vegetables. The air-conditioned cold storage is the most advanced storage equipment for fruits and vegetables. Not only the fresh-keeping effect is excellent, the fresh-keeping time is several times or even more than ten times that of other facilities, but also the shelf life of fruits and vegetables after they are out of the warehouse is extended, which has a very high economic value. The user shall make reasonable planning and design according to the product value, product category, product output, and product characteristics, as well as engineering construction and installation.

2. Temperature design of cold storage?

The temperature of cold storage is not the lower the better. The suitable temperature for fruit and vegetable preservation is generally about 0 ℃, a few varieties are about - 1 ℃, most varieties are in the range of 0 ~ 5 ℃, 5 ~ 10 ℃ and 10 ~ 15 ℃. When the temperature is lower than 0 ℃, the water in the fruit and vegetable cells will crystallize. When the fruit and vegetable are thawed, the water will soften because of the crystal fracture, which will cause the loss of nutrition and the rapid damage of the product. Therefore, the temperature should be designed according to the different properties of the products.

3. Requirements for clearance in the cold storage of fruits and vegetables

Improper selection of the height of the cold storage for fruit and vegetable preservation can easily bring adverse effects on the investment, cooling, gas circulation, even wind field, use, and management of the cold storage. The height of the cold storage shall be determined according to the actual needs, capacity, loading mode, air conditioning process, refrigeration process, etc. generally, it is not recommended to exceed three shelves.

4. Dehumidification of humidification truck in storage

The cold storage for fruit and vegetable preservation is equipped with humidity monitor, humidifier and other equipment to accurately control the relative humidity of the air in the warehouse, which is conducive to improving the effect of fruit and vegetable preservation; if these equipment are not equipped, we can simply control the humidity by watering and other methods, and the quality of fruit and vegetable preservation can be guaranteed, but the effect is certainly not as good as the former. You can decide whether you need to configure real-time monitoring and humidity adjustment equipment according to your own needs.



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