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Tips for selecting cold room panel

Views: 52602/12/2020  

It is very important to choose the right sandwich panel for cold room. For example, the construction of pharmaceutical cold storage requires high temperature, humidity, and other environmental requirements. So when choosing a cold storage panel, we should pay attention to the material and heat preservation of the sandwich panel for cold room.

sandwich panel for cold room

1. Wide, light and thin

Because rigid polyurethane foam acts as a structural material at the same time, the whole structure has the advantages of a lightweight, large span, and high load. The thinner polyurethane sandwich panel can meet the relevant regulations on the limit of building energy consumption, which allows the use of the thinner panels in construction and saves building space.

2. Stable quality, long service life, and high comprehensive cost performance

The average life of the rigid polyurethane insulation structure can reach more than 30 years under the condition of normal use and maintenance. It can be ensured that under normal service conditions during the service life of the structure, it will not be damaged due to dry, wet or electrochemical corrosion, as well as external factors such as insects, fungi or algae growth or rodent damage.

3. Dampproof, waterproof and corrosion resistance

The closed-cell structure of polyurethane rigid foam and the surface material used make it have more superior air and water resistance performance, and it can be made into inlaid connection structure when forming, which is easy for post assembly. It does not need an extra insulating layer to prevent moisture, which saves the trouble of laying insulating layer.

4. Flame and high-temperature resistance

Polyurethane is a kind of flame-retardant self-extinguishing material after adding flame retardant. Its softening point can reach more than 250 ℃, and it will decompose only at higher temperatures. Besides, polyurethane can form carbon deposits on the foam surface when it burns, which helps to isolate the foam below. It can effectively prevent the flame from spreading. Moreover, polyurethane does not produce harmful gases at high temperatures.



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