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High pressure of condensing unit for cold room

Views: 53302/19/2020  

Why condensing unit for cold room has high pressure and how to deal with it.

The increase of condensation pressure will lead to an increase of compression function, a decrease of refrigeration capacity, a decrease of refrigeration coefficient and an increase in energy consumption. It is estimated that the power consumption will increase by about 3% for every 1 ℃ increase of the condensation temperature corresponding to the condensation pressure when other conditions remain unchanged. It is generally considered that the more economical and reasonable condensation temperature is 3 ℃ ~ 5 ℃ higher than the outlet temperature of cooling water.

condensing unit for cold room

Causes of condenser pressure rise and solutions:

1. The condenser is too small:

Replace or add condenser;

2. The number of condensers put into operation is small:

Increase the number of operation units;

3. Insufficient cooling water flow:

Increase the number of pump operation, increase the water flow;

4. Cooling water temperature too high:

(1) . supplement low-temperature water (tap water or well water);

(2) . use frost water;

(3) Ensure the cooling effect of the cooling tower.

5. Clean the cooling tower regularly and keep it clean:

When the water temperature is close to the air wet bulb temperature, the cooling tower fan shall be closed to reduce power consumption;

6. Reduction of heat exchange area of condenser:

When filling refrigerant, strictly control the amount of refrigerant to ensure sufficient heat exchange area of the condenser;

7. Uneven water distribution of condenser:

When the water distribution is not uniform, the water flow in some pipes is the largest and the water flow in some pipes is small, which will reduce the heat transfer efficiency and increase the condensation temperature;

8. The scale on condenser pipe:

The incrustation on the condenser pipe results in the increase of thermal resistance, the decrease of heat transfer coefficient, the decrease of heat exchange effect and the rise of condensation temperature;

Improve water quality and remove scale in time;

9. The air in condenser:

The air in the condenser increases the partial pressure and the total pressure of the system. The air will form a gas layer on the surface of the condenser, which will generate additional thermal resistance, reduce the heat transfer efficiency, and increase the condensation pressure and temperature.

Air should be released on time.



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