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Cold room for fruit and controlled atmosphere storage

Views: 97302/19/2020  

People who walk in the cold storage industry know that cold storage is just a general term. It can be divided into many kinds of cold storage, such as fresh-keeping cold storage, air-conditioned cold storage, logistics cold storage, double temperature cold storage, cold storage, refrigeration cold storage, explosion-proof cold storage and so on. Cold storage, like the account in Baidu promotion, is a general structure with plans, units, etc. So why are refrigerators divided into so many kinds of refrigerators? What's the difference between them? Today, we will tell you in detail the difference between the controlled atmosphere storage and the cold room for fruits.

cold room for fruits

Controlled atmosphere storage is developed based on traditional high-temperature cold room for fruits. On the surface, the installation of the air-conditioned warehouse is very similar to that of the cold storage, but in terms of the building structure and use management, the installation of the air-conditioned warehouse is quite different from that of the high-temperature cold storage.

Controlled atmosphere storage is also called air-conditioned warehouse. By adding the function of gas composition regulation in the cold storage, the controlled atmosphere can control the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, oxygen concentration and ethylene concentration in the storage environment, to inhibit the respiration of fruits and vegetables and delay the metabolism of fruits and vegetables.

In terms of installation, there are several differences between the installation of controlled atmosphere storage and traditional cold room for fruits:

1. For the sake of the safety of the gas regulating reservoir, the safety valve and the airbag must be set during the installation of the gas regulating reservoir. Therefore, the installation safety of the gas regulating reservoir is still very high.

2. It is necessary to reduce the heat and cold exchange with the outside world. It is necessary to note that during the installation of the gas regulating reservoir, the walls, doors and all the connections of the inlet and outlet pipelines of the reservoir shall be sealed strictly, to reduce the gas exchange inside and outside the reservoir as much as possible and avoid the interference of the external gas on the gas composition in the reservoir.

3. The controlled atmosphere warehouse has strict control over the time of goods in and out. For example, the shorter the time for fruits to enter the controlled atmosphere state, the better. The installation of the controlled atmosphere warehouse should be considered,

Storage of fruit requires fast storage speed, to fill, seal and regulate the air as soon as possible. In the process of storage, the number of opening doors should be reduced as much as possible. Frequent opening doors should be considered during the installation of the air-conditioned warehouse, which will not only affect the storage effect and increase the operation cost, but also reduce the airtightness of the warehouse doors.

4. It is necessary to consider the situation of full storage of the air-conditioned storage. In addition to the necessary ventilation and inspection channels, the fruits in the installation warehouse shall be piled up as high as possible. In this way, the more fruits there are, the fewer pores there are in the reservoir. Besides, the respiration of fruits consumes oxygen, so the shorter the time for fruits to enter the air conditioning state. The larger the volume utilization coefficient of the installation warehouse, the lower the operation cost of refrigeration and gas regulation.



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