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Advantage of cold room for seafood

Views: 51502/20/2020  

Seafood has always been one of the indispensable foods in our life. There are many seafood restaurants on the market. Many stores in the aquatic market specially build cold room for seafood to store frozen shrimp. Then, what are the advantages of the materials used for the installation and construction of seafood freezers?

cold room for seafood

Advantage of cold room for seafood:

1. The frozen storage of frozen shrimps is made of polyurethane foam sandwich panels, with low thermal conductivity, high strength, and good heat insulation effect.

2. The color steel panel is used as the inner and outer panel of the frozen aquatic shrimp freezer, which is non-toxic, tasteless, generous and beautiful

3. The cold room seafood layout can be separated at will according to the user's requirements, with good applicability and convenient selection.

4. The compressor used in the freezing warehouse of aquatic frozen shrimp adopts the semi-closed refrigeration compressor produced by imported closed or imported technology, with low noise and reliable performance.

5. The refrigeration accessories of aquatic frozen shrimps are international famous brand accessories, with high reliability and stable performance.

6. Imported electrical control components are adopted, with high control accuracy and low failure rate.

7. The system is equipped with multiple protection measures, such as motor overheating, current overload, high and low voltage, fan interlocking, over and under-voltage, phase loss, delay start, and other protection functions so that the unit operation is safe and reliable.

8. Quick installation, short construction period and high return on investment

9. Because the heat insulation board and building components can be prefabricated in the factory and assembled on-site, the construction period of the project can be greatly shortened.

10. Because the storage plate of frozen shrimp is not affected by the freeze-thaw cycle, the cooling rate of the warehouse is not limited by the temperature, but the civil cold storage is not allowed.

11. Plastic coated steel plate is used in the frozen storage of aquatic frozen shrimp, which can meet the hygienic requirements of food storage.



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