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Design and feature of cold room for fruits

Views: 54902/24/2020  

Design of cold room for fruits

1. There are low-temperature hall, closed platform, electric sliding-type cold storage door, anti-collision flexible sealing port, platform height adjustment device (lifting platform), and the realization of "door-to-door" loading and unloading operation has become the symbol of modern logistics cold storage.

cold room for fruits

2. The goods are in and out frequently and the throughput is large. According to the needs of production and operation, a special tally room (area) is set up. The temperature of the tally area is generally controlled between 0 ℃ and + 7 ℃.

3. The design of the refrigeration system of the logistics cold storage pays more attention to the requirements of environmental protection and energy-saving. The temperature control range of the warehouse is wide, and the selection, layout, and wind speed field design of cooling equipment consider the refrigeration requirements applicable to a variety of goods. It is equipped with perfect automatic detection, recording and automatic control device of storage temperature.

4. Establish a perfect computer network system, make the distribution management of cold storage supply chain scientific, and achieve the traceability of food safety. In the European Union, the United States and Japan, all enterprises in the food supply chain have the legal obligation to implement the traceability system.

5. The way of refrigerated storage began to change to shelf and palletization, to realize the management of goods according to the principle of "first in, first out", which is conducive to improving the quality of commodity storage and reducing the loss.

6. The three-dimensional automatic cold storage adopts computer management, which can realize the full automation of loading and unloading, stacking, temperature control, and refrigeration equipment operation in the warehouse, without any operator. With the help of computer management, it can provide the name, quantity, location and temperature records of the goods in stock at any time, automatically settle the storage cost and invoice, etc., which improves the management efficiency and greatly reduces the number of management personnel.

Features of cold room for fruits:

1. Fruit safety is related to human health and even life safety, and the requirements for ensuring food quality and safety are outstanding.

2. The short shelf life and fast quality loss of food determine the timeliness of food cold chain logistics operation.

3. The diversity of fruit and the requirements of storage temperature and humidity determine the diversity of the food logistics operation environment.

4. As an important part of the food supply chain, cold storage requires traceability of products.



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