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Precautions of condensing unit for cold room

Views: 82902/25/2020  

1. When the refrigeration system is running, all other valves of the condensing unit for cold room shall be opened except that the oil drain valve and air vent valve are closed.

condensing unit for cold room

2. The condensing pressure of water-cooled condensing unit for cold room shall not exceed 1.5MPa, otherwise, the clause shall be found out and eliminated in time. The water supply to the condenser can not be stopped until all compressors are shut down for 15min. When the work is stopped for a long time in winter, the water shall be drained to avoid freezing the equipment.

3. Check the temperature and quantity of cooling water regularly. The temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of cooling water is about 2-4. Generally, the condensation temperature is 3-5 ℃ higher than the outlet temperature of cooling water.

4. The dirt on the condenser tube wall shall be removed regularly with a thickness of no more than 1mm, generally once a year.

5. Check whether there is ammonia in the outlet water of condenser every month. If there is ammonia in the water, it will turn red in the case of phenolphthalein. When the fluorine condenser leaks, the oil will appear. The leakage of condenser shall be found in time for maintenance.

6. The water separator of vertical shell and tube condenser shall be placed properly, the water shall be evenly distributed along the inner wall of the pipeline, and the water volume shall be sufficient.

7. The cooling water of the horizontal shell and tube condenser shall be ejected from the bottom to the top, and the cooling water shall not be interrupted during operation.

8. When the evaporative condenser is running, the exhaust fan and circulating water pump shall be started first, and then the gas burst valve and liquid outlet valve shall be opened. The spray nozzle shall be unblocked, the spray water shall be even, and the scale shall be cleaned once a year.

9. To improve the heat transfer efficiency, compressed air should be used to clean the accumulated dust on the tube wall and the fins.

10. When multiple condensers are used in combination, the number of working units, cooling water required and the number of water pump operation of the condenser shall be determined based on the load of the compressor, the temperature of cooling water and other parameters to achieve the economic, reasonable and safe operation of the refrigeration system.



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