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Maintenance of sandwich panel for cold room

Views: 77502/28/2020  

It is believed that many businesses will encounter many problems when using refrigerators. For example, the plastic edge of the warehouse door is deformed, resulting in the cold leakage of the refrigerators, or the door frame and balance window are frozen and cannot be opened. These problems are probably caused by improper daily maintenance. Then how can we ensure the normal use of refrigerators and increase the service life of refrigerators.

sandwich panel for cold room

1. Maintenance of sandwich panel for cold room

1.1 Use a soft cloth dipped in a neutral detergent to wipe off the stains on the internal and external surfaces of the warehouse

1.2 Use a clean and wet cloth to remove the residual detergent on the sandwich panel for cold room

1.3 Dry the storage panel with a soft dry cloth. Do not use friction agent and corrosive cleaner. Do not use alcohol to wipe embossed aluminum panel

2. Sealant edge: regularly check the sealant edge of the warehouse door, clean and maintain it to prevent cold leakage due to the deformation of the sealant edge.

3. Tension lock sealing plug: it is found that the tension lock sealing plug is missing in the refrigerator, and it should be added to prevent moisture from entering the insulation layer.

4. Heating wire: the heating wire on the door frame and balance window shall be ensured to work normally to prevent being frozen and unable to be opened.

5. Installation components of the warehouse door: check and tighten the screws on the hinge components, door locks, handles, baffles and other components of the door; the rotating parts of the hinge have been lubricated with lubricating paste before leaving the factory, and it is recommended to lubricate once every three months after use.

6. Maintenance in the warehouse: air flow channel shall be reserved for the stacking of goods in the warehouse, so that the cold air blown by the cold fan can form air circulation. The warehouse shall be cleaned and disinfected regularly to keep clean and sanitary.



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