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Design of small-scale cold storage for vegetables & fruits

Views: 207903/04/2020  

There are some characteristics and precautions in the design of small-scale cold storage for vegetables & fruits. The design of small-scale cold storage has the characteristics of small volume and small cost. In the design of cold storage for vegetables & fruits, the refrigeration unit should be designed in detail, and what are the specific characteristics and precautions of building small-scale cold storage for vegetables & fruits? 

cold storage for vegetables & fruits

1、 Small cold storage design and construction volume

A small refrigerator has a small volume and good flexibility in operation. The main purpose of storing agricultural products is to keep them fresh and sell them on the market in the off-season. For agricultural products, the off-season is often an opportunity to seize the off-season to sell goods at a better price. In general, it is recommended to store only one item in a cold store.

2、 Low design and construction cost of small cold storage

In the process of building a small refrigerator, the cost is not very high. We can choose appropriate old houses for comprehensive renovation, and of course, we can also choose new ones. At present, the price of building small refrigerators in the market is about 25000-30000 yuan (the cost of small refrigerators mainly depends on the size). After building a small refrigerator, we only need to be able to master the scientific storage method, collect and pack the products according to the corresponding regulations, so that the quality of the products can be fully checked. Generally, after one season of storage, all the invested assets can be recovered.

3、 Automatic control of small refrigerator unit

The automatic control of the refrigeration device in the small cold storage can comprehensively monitor the temperature in the cold storage, and can accurately control the temperature floating at 0.5 degrees. For example, when the storage temperature of agricultural products we need is limited to 0.5 degrees up and down, if the temperature is higher than 2.5 degrees, then it will automatically cool down. Once the temperature of the cold storage decreases or exceeds the set temperature, It will stop by itself without special management.

If you need to build a small fruit and vegetable cold store to store fruits and vegetables, it is necessary to know the temperature, area, and products required. If you don't understand the content of the above small edition, you can come to consult us at any time, and we will explain it in detail.



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