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Improve the efficiency of cold storage for vegetables & fruits

Views: 74803/05/2020  

Working principle:

Cold storage for vegetables & fruits is a special building used for food freezing and cold storage and keeping a certain low temperature. The floor, wall, and roof are all laid with a certain thickness of damp proof gas layer and heat insulation layer to reduce the introduction of external heat. At the same time, to reduce the radiation heat absorbed by the sun, the external wall surface of the cold storage is generally painted white or light color.

As the cold storage for vegetables & fruits building has the above characteristics, in addition to the strict thermal insulation, sealing, firmness and frost resistance in the design and construction to ensure the quality of the building, in the daily use management, we should also implement scientific management according to the characteristics of the cold storage to ensure safe production, to extend the service life, reduce production costs, save maintenance costs and improve the enterprise The purpose of industrial economic benefits.

cold storage for vegetables & fruits

The coordination of fresh-keeping and refrigeration technology is an important guarantee to reduce operation cost and improve enterprise efficiency.

1. The application of mature technology can avoid great loss.

2. Selection and application of time-saving and labor-saving packaging materials.

3. The proper application of mildew proof and fresh-keeping packaging and preservatives can get twice the result with half the effort.

4. According to the source of equipment and storage products, reasonably control the storage quantity.

5. Try to reduce the heat in the storage of the commodity packaging belt, and choose to harvest and store when the temperature is low.

6. After the fresh fruits and vegetables are put into storage, they should be reduced to the appropriate storage temperature as soon as possible, which not only reduces the heat generated by the fruits and vegetables when they breathe but also maintains the quality of the fruits and vegetables.

7. For the fruit and vegetable storage far away from the production area, the free cold storage in the production area should be used as much as possible to pre-cool, reduce the loss, improve the storage quality and avoid the peak transportation time.

8. Using cold chain technology to improve product quality and commodity value, and seeking benefits from quality.



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