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Types of condensing unit for cold room

Views: 82703/11/2020  

The function of the evaporator is to discharge the heat of the superheated refrigerant steam generated by the compressor into the cooling medium (water or air), cool the superheated steam and condense it into liquid parts.

The condensing unit for cold room can be divided into water cooling type, air cooling type, water, and air mixed cooling type.

condensing unit for cold room

General principles of condensing unit for cold room selection

1. The vertical condenser is arranged outside the machine room, which is suitable for areas with rich water sources but poor water quality or high water temperature.

2. The bedroom water condenser is widely used in the Freon system, which is generally arranged in the machine room, suitable for areas with low water temperature and good water quality.

3. The evaporative condenser is suitable for the area with low relative humidity or water shortage, which needs to be arranged in the place with good outdoor ventilation.

4. The air-cooled condenser is suitable for the areas where the water source is relatively tight, and it is widely used in the small and medium freon refrigeration system.

5. All kinds of water-cooled condensers can be cooled by circulating water,

6. If water-cooled or evaporative condenser is adopted, the value of condensation temperature shall be taken according to a national standard in design, but shall not exceed 40 ℃.

7. From the perspective of equipment cost, the cost of the evaporative condensers is the highest. Compared with the combination of large and medium-sized refrigerators and other forms of the evaporative condenser with cooling water circulation, the initial construction cost is almost the same, but in the latter operation, the evaporative condenser is more water-saving and energy-saving. In developed countries, the evaporative condenser is mainly used.

The final choice of the condenser depends on the local meteorological conditions and the water quality of the local water source, at same time, it related to the actual heat load of the cold storage and the layout requirements of the machine room.



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