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General principles of condensing unit for cold room selection

Views: 115103/17/2020  

Condensing unit for cold room is one of the main heat exchange equipment in refrigeration system. There are many types of condensers, which are mainly determined by the water temperature, water quality, water quantity and climate conditions in the reservoir area, as well as the layout requirements of the machine room. Generally, they are selected according to the following principles.

condensing unit for cold room

(1) Vertical water cooling condensing unit for cold room is suitable for areas with rich water source, poor water quality and high water temperature, which is generally arranged outside the machine room.

(2) Horizontal water cooling condenser is suitable for areas with sufficient water volume, low water temperature and good water quality. It is widely used in small and Medium-sized Ammonia and Freon systems and is generally arranged in the equipment room of the machine room.

(3) The drenching condenser is suitable for areas with low air wet bulb temperature, insufficient water source or poor water quality, and is generally arranged in the place with good outdoor ventilation.

(4) The evaporative condenser is suitable for areas with low relative humidity and water shortage. It is generally arranged in a place with good outdoor ventilation.

(5) The air-cooled condenser is suitable for small freon refrigeration systems and areas with limited water supply. Generally, it is not used in ammonia refrigeration system.

Besides, under the condition of meeting the system requirements, the factors of high heat exchange efficiency, convenient maintenance and a low initial investment of equipment should be considered. The type of condenser shall be determined according to the environment, cooling water quality, water quantity and water temperature of the refrigeration unit. Condensers can be divided into the following categories:

(1) Water-cooled

Condenser water cooling condenser water as a cooling medium to take away the heat released when the refrigerant condenses. Cooling water can be used once or recycled. It is cooled when circulating water is used. Two kinds of condensation, vertical shell and tube and horizontal shell and tube, are commonly used in cold storage. The cooling tower must be equipped to ensure continuous water.

① Vertical shell and tube type

Generally, the condenser is installed outdoors, using the circulating water tank of the condenser as the foundation, so the installation position is higher, which is conducive to the smooth flow of ammonia liquid to the high-pressure liquid reservoir. The cooling water needs low-pressure head, less energy consumption of water pump, the heat transfer tube is a straight tube, so it is convenient to clean scale, and the water quality is not required to be high; however, due to the small temperature rise of the cooling water (generally 2-4 ℃), the circulation of the cooling water is large. Generally, it is used in large and Medium-sized Ammonia refrigeration systems in areas with sufficient water sources but poor water quality.

② Horizontal shell and tube type

The condenser is generally installed indoors and stacked with the liquid reservoir to reduce the indoor floor area. The cooling water consumption is less than that of the vertical shell and tube condenser, which occupies a small space, has a compact structure, is conducive to the utilization of limited space, is convenient for the unit, reliable operation and convenient operation; however, the leakage is not easy to be found, has higher requirements for water quality, low water temperature and is not easy to clean. Generally, it is mainly used in areas with rich water sources and good water quality, as well as places with the narrow operation (such as ships).

(2) Air-cooled

The condenser in this form uses air as the cooling medium, the refrigerant condenses in the tube, the air flows outside the tube, and absorbs the heat released by the refrigerant vapor in the tube. However, the condensation pressure and temperature are greatly affected by the ambient temperature, so they are generally used in small and medium freon refrigeration systems in water shortage areas.

(3) Combined cooling of water and air

Condenser this type of condenser uses water and air as the cooling medium, mainly uses the latent heat of vaporization of cooling water to absorb the heat of refrigerant, so the cooling effect is good, and the amount of cooling water is far less than that of water-cooled condenser, especially suitable for water shortage and dry areas, of which the evaporation condenser is the most widely used in cold storage.



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