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The electricity charge of cold room refrigeration equipment

Views: 136603/30/2020  

In recent years, the cold chain industry and cold storage have leaped forward development. Cold storage construction involves all walks of life. Good cold room refrigeration equipment costs a lot and consumes a lot of power. It can be compared to "everyone can afford a car, but the price of gas is more Alexandrian."

cold room refrigeration equipment

The electricity charge generated during the operation of the cold room refrigeration equipment accounts for a large proportion of the operation cost of the cold storage. Especially for small-scale refrigerators, the operating cost in the early and middle stages of refrigerators is the electricity fee. Therefore, the reasonable use of energy and saving power consumption has become the primary task of the cold storage operation of the owners.

The reason of large power consumption in cold storage

1. Improper cold storage design, insufficient insulation thickness or unreasonable equipment configuration

2. When the cold storage is installed, the thermal insulation of the warehouse is not well done, or it is damaged during use and the warehouse leaks

3. The refrigeration system fails, or there are problems such as large abrasion, refrigerant leakage, poor working conditions, etc

4. The defrosting of the evaporator is not timely and the frost layer is too thick

5. The refrigerator door is not closed properly or the opening time is too long during a storage operation.


Cold storage design and installation

If the large power consumption of the cold storage is caused by improper installation and design, energy-saving transformation can be carried out for the cold storage; through the transformation of the refrigeration system, insulation structure or equipment configuration, the working efficiency of the cold storage can be improved and the cooling loss can be reduced to achieve the purpose of reducing the running power consumption. Maybe some owners think that the cost of cold storage renovation is not cheap and hope to solve it by other simple methods. The economic value of cold storage energy saving is very high. It is worth spending money to know that the service life of cold storage can reach more than ten years. The transformation in the early and middle stage can greatly improve the working efficiency and operating cost of cold storage.

Cold room refrigeration equipment maintenance

If the large power consumption of the cold storage is caused by the damage and failure of the cold storage, it should be solved through cold storage maintenance. Cold storage maintenance has high technical requirements. To avoid causing greater problems, enterprises should contact professionals to check and repair the cold storage.

Cold storage defrosting

If the large power consumption of the cold storage is caused by the untimely defrosting, the administrator shall readjust the defrosting interval and other parameters according to the refrigeration condition of the cold storage.



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