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The Factors Affecting the Cost of Cold Room for Fruits

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At present, it is the fruit sugar orange harvest season, but when you are happy, let the fruit farmers break their hearts. Because of the epidemic, many sugar oranges are unsalable. A large number of sugar oranges are piled together and will break down in a few days. The use of cold room for fruits can effectively prolong the storage time of sugar orange, prevent the loss of water and nutrients, so as to ensure the better taste of sugar orange in the sales period. The following is the analysis and introduction of the specific factors affecting the cost of cold room for fruits and the precautions for storage of sugar orange in cold room:

cold room for fruits

1、 Specific factors affecting the cost of sugar orange cold storage

1. Refrigerator specifications

The size (length, width, and height) of cold storage is a very important factor affecting the price of cold storage. For example, the cost of building sugar orange fresh-keeping warehouses is absolutely different between 100 square meters and 200 square meters. Generally, the larger the cold storage area is, the higher the overall cost is. Because the cold storage area is large, the more insulation materials are needed, and the higher the cold storage price is.

2. Cold storage insulation board

Cold storage insulation material is also one of the factors that affect the cost of cold storage. There are two kinds of insulation materials for cold storage, one is polyurethane insulation board, which is durable and has good insulation effect. Another is polystyrene board, polystyrene board, also known as foam board, its advantage is that the price is cheap, but the heat insulation performance is poor, it is suggested that it can only be used for more than 0 degrees cold storage, so the sugar orange cold storage can also use polystyrene board.

3. Cold storage temperature requirements

The requirements of temperature and cooling time are also important factors affecting the construction price of cold storage. Generally speaking, sugar orange cold storage belongs to medium temperature cold storage, which needs to be stored at a temperature of 3 "C ~ 5'c. Therefore, the temperature requirements and cost of refrigerators are different.

4. Unit cost

There is no significant difference between sugar orange fresh storage equipment and other cold storage equipment. The difference is that what kind of cold storage window brand and specification is selected according to the demand of refrigeration capacity. Bizel GuLun, for example, is a well-known imported brand, which costs more. Therefore, different brands will also affect the cost of refrigerators.

2、 Storage precautions for orange cold storage:

1. Before storage, the ground, shelves and plastic boxes of the cold storage must be disinfected to reduce the number of pathogens;

2. Pay attention to ventilation and air exchange in the cold storage, remove too much CO2 and other harmful gases, and prevent air pollution in the cold storage. It is recommended to change the air in the morning;

3. Fruit boxes shall be stacked on both sides of the ventilation warehouse, and 80-100cm channel shall be reserved as ventilation and walkway. The spacing between fruit boxes and surrounding walls shall be 20-30cm, and a space of 1m shall be reserved on the top of the warehouse;

4. As a kind of climacteric fruit, the respiration intensity is increasing after harvest, so the precooling operation must be carried out before storage. The faster the precooling speed, the better the storage effect;

5. The cold storage door shall be closed tightly, and the number of times of entering and time in storage shall be reduced as much as possible. When goods and personnel enter and leave, they will continuously release heat, increase the heat load, cause the fluctuation of temperature and humidity in the warehouse, thus affecting the storage quality of products:

6. Before leaving the warehouse, the temperature of the orange should be increased gradually, otherwise, the orange in the cold storage will suddenly encounter external heat, and the surface of the orange will condense into water droplets, causing deterioration of the fruit and other phenomena.



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