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​How to reduce the cost of cold room for fruits?

Views: 163804/14/2020  

How to reduce the cost of cold room for fruits?

cold room for fruits

Cold room for fruits is more common in daily life, such as capsule, seafood, egg-milk, drugs need to be refrigerated or frozen, which can play a role in prolonging the preservation. How to save the cost of cold storage installation, reduce the meaningless expenditure and reduce the interference when we build cold storage. So which factors can save the cost of cold storage?

1、 The cooling range of the cold room for fruits not only determines the use range of the cold storage but also has a great impact on the installation cost. The lower the design temperature of cold storage installation, the higher the requirements for refrigeration equipment, and the higher the cost of cold storage installation. Reasonable selection of the cooling range of cold storage is very helpful to control the installation cost of cold storage and reduce investment waste. For example, the temperature of fruit preservation is generally no less than 0 ℃, only a few varieties are required to reach - 1 ℃, and the suitable preservation temperature of many tropical fruits is 5 ℃ or even above 10 ℃. All fruit preservation refrigerators are generally designed with the lowest temperature of 0 ℃, if there is no problem, 5 ℃ can also be used as the design temperature.

2、 The installation of refrigerators is very flexible. We can achieve the same refrigeration effect by configuring different types and numbers of units. In small and medium-sized cold storage, the cost of a single unit is generally lower than that of multi-unit, but when the refrigeration capacity of cold storage reaches a certain degree, the demand for equipment is higher, and the price of a single unit will be higher than that of multi-unit. Therefore, when choosing the cold storage plan, we should not only consider the idea that parallel units are more stable, more energy-saving or more convenient, but also consider the comprehensive installation cost and operation cost.

3、 If the height of the storehouse is higher than 5m, to ensure that the structure of the top of the storehouse is not damaged, materials such as hangers are needed to reinforce the top of the storehouse for the installation of the cold storage, which will increase the installation cost and labor cost, and may also generate some expenses for the use of machinery (such as cranes).

4、 The requirement of cooling water for water-cooled units is not very high. Clean water without impurities and corrosivity can be used. If the cold storage installation site is close to the natural water source or located in the place where the water supply system already exists, such as the ship, factory, etc., the water-cooled unit can be selected to directly use the existing water supply system. The price of the water-cooled unit is lower than that of the air-cooled unit. If the water pump, water pipe, and other equipment are not required, the installation cost of the cold storage can also be reduced. This method can reduce the cost of the cold storage and improve the refrigeration efficiency of the cold storage.

4、 If the cold storage installation environment is poor, to ensure that the performance and production efficiency of the cold storage are not affected, corresponding protective measures shall be taken during the installation, which can reduce the installation cost and operation cost. So, how to reduce the damage of cold storage in daily life, what factors should be paid attention to in cold storage installation environment? The following are common operation methods:

1. The cooler should be installed in a cool place as far as possible, which can avoid the increase of the cooling load of the cooler and increase the cost of the insulation and cooling part.

2. The installation of cold storage shall avoid or remove the harmful factors such as heat source, corrosive substances, inflammable and explosive substances, so it is not necessary to invest more money to arrange protective facilities or select materials with higher strength.

3. If the cold storage is installed indoors, there is no need to invest in the cost of sunshade and protective facilities; it is better to build the cold storage in a well ventilated indoor place, where both the storage body and the unit can be placed indoors, and the cost of materials such as pipelines can be saved.



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