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Difference of Cold Room for Fruits​ and Air-conditioned Storage

Views: 167204/15/2020  

Cold room for fruits and air-conditioned storage play an important role in the preservation of fruits and vegetables. What is the difference between these two giants in the field of fresh fruits and vegetable preservation in essence?

cold room for fruits

The air-conditioned storehouse is also called the air-conditioned cold storehouse and the air-conditioned fresh-keeping storehouse. It is a fresh-keeping facility that further regulates and controls the gas composition in the storehouse based on the fresh-keeping cold storehouse. The common point of air-conditioned storage and fresh-keeping cold storage is to maintain a stable low-temperature environment, but at the same time, the air-conditioned storage should maintain a specific gas composition different from the general atmosphere. According to the different storage requirements of fresh fruits and vegetables, the air-conditioned storage will adjust the corresponding gas composition. The oxygen content is usually lower than 21%, and the carbon dioxide content is higher than 1%. In terms of sealing, the air-conditioned storage requires better sealing conditions than the cold storage. From the engineers of our company, we know that compared with the air-conditioned storage, the fresh-keeping cold room for fruits mainly has the following characteristics:

1. Under the same preservation quality and temperature, the preservation time of the air-conditioned storage is 3 to 5 times of that of the ordinary cold storage, and even dozens of times for some foods;

2. Using inert gas to isolate the air in the air-conditioned warehouse can effectively inhibit the respiration of fresh fruit and vegetable food cells, not only prolonging the fresh-keeping time but also extending the shelf life of food after leaving the warehouse, making it possible to sell fresh fruits and vegetables in a long time after leaving the warehouse;

3. Because the operating temperature range of the air-conditioned warehouse is mostly 0 ~ 8 ℃, which is about 18 ~ 33 ℃ higher than that of the ordinary cold storage, the power consumption of the air-conditioned warehouse is far less than that of the ordinary cold storage in the same preservation time;

4. The controlled atmosphere storage belongs to the category of high-temperature storage. The fresh-keeping food will not be frozen, the original and flavor of the food will not be changed, and the nutrition will not be lost;

5. CO2 gas is used to participate in the gas regulation in the gas regulation storehouse, which can not only effectively inhibit the formation and function of ripening components such as C2H4, but also has the functions of bacteriostasis, sterilization, and elimination of toxic and side effects of pesticides;

6. The automatic control of the PLC program is adopted in the air control storehouse, which has strong safety reliability and high production efficiency;

7. Because the humidification system is adopted in the air conditioning system, not only the water content of the food itself will not be lost, but also the color and texture of the food will not be changed, which not only reduces the storage loss of the food but also retains the original quality of the food.



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