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Cost Budget of Logistics Cold Room for Fruits

Views: 433005/14/2020  

In the first two days of this article, I introduced the construction of the logistics cold room for fruits. From those aspects, interested partners can have a look. In these two days, a friend asked about the knowledge of the operating cost budget of the construction of the logistics cold room for fruits. Let's talk about the main points of the budget in detail.

cold room for fruits

1. There are many kinds of preserved fruits and vegetables, and the temperature requirements of each kind of goods are different (tropical fruit temperature is above 8 , non tropical fruit temperature is 0-5 ).

2. How large is the cold storage of fruits logistics (the area, volume and tonnage of the cold storage you have built in advance).

3. What kind of structure should be selected for building the cold storage workshop of fruits logistics? Multi-layer reinforced concrete single-layer or steel structure. The period of reinforced concrete is long, the utilization ratio of dead corner of column is low, and the service life is long.

4. Whether the goods are stacked or on shelves (the height of the cold storage depends on the way of the other side of your goods). 5. In the refrigeration system, ammonia refrigeration and freon refrigeration are selected (Freon system is safe and energy-saving compared with ammonia refrigeration).

6. How thick is the selection of the cold storage plate for fruits logistics (the polyurethane insulation storage plate we used is 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm according to the temperature requirements).

7. Cold storage location determines the cost of land (if your cold storage location is too far away, it will cause labor, freight, construction time, etc.).

8. The reasonable plan in the early stage will also affect the construction and operation cost budget of the cold storage of fruits logistics.



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