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Embossed Aluminum Stucco Steel Sheet Cold Storage Panel

Product Introduction
Cold Room Panel is fit for the projects which have serious require of keeping warm. Cold Storage Panel are made by upper and lower layers embossed aluminum steel sheets, to the middle infused polyurethane foam, through the heating, pressure, and the formation of foam sandwich panels. The metal top layer can be a colored stencil plate, the surface is smooth and the whole performance is excellent.

Cold Storage Panel is universally acknowledged the best material of heat insulation and heat preservation nowadays and it can perform a good anticorrosion, antirust and anti-weathering.

The characteristics of Cold Room Panel
1. Cold Storage Panel (the abbreviation of Polyurethane is PU sandwich panel) with embossed aluminum steel sheet have characteristics of high load intensity, small water-absorptive, and the stability in either low temperature or the high temperature is good, the service life is long, thermal insulation performance is outstanding and so on.
2. Good supporting, heat resistant, sound-insulated, sound absorption, good flexibility, non-toxic, odorless, green environmental protection, widely used for food, medicine.
3. Cold Storage Panel can cementation with the steel plates, the cements, the fiberboards, the bricks and many kinds of materials very strongly, in usual situation, it would not fall off and still strengthen its thermal insulation and waterproofing effects.
4. The unique produce foaming craft made the products have exquisite and even abscesses, the thermal conductivity is low, the size stability is good, is very suitable for both of the low pressure and the high pressure construction.
5. Polyurethane foam plastics thermal stability is quite good, when the temperature is lower than 120, the volume and the intensity have no obvious change, its Thermal conductivity is small, when the density is 0.03kg/m
3, the heat conductivity is only 63J(m.h.k) (15cal/m.h.k).
6. The installation is convenient and flexible, without large-scale lifting devices, the short building-time and low cost.
7. Cold and heat-resisting performance: perfect temperature-resistance deformation from -110 to 120 .
8. Cold Storage Panel needn’t be produced at the scene. It does not only maintain the surroundings clean & tidy and do not affect the other process normally, but also shorten the installation cycle.

Available Panel Thickness: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 175mm and 200mm
Surface of Panels: to be plating 0.4mm, 0.5mm or 0.6mm thickness embossed aluminum steel sheet.
Panel Available Width: 500mm - 1200mm
Panel Available Length: 2000mm-12000mm
PU Material Origin:Germany,JapanorKorea
PU Foam Density: 40 KGS/M3
Heat Transfer Quotients: ≤0.022 W/M2*K
Pressure: ≥0.10Mpa
Cubic Area Change: ≤1% (-30 C-100 C/96h)
Fire Rating: B2

Standard: Embossed aluminum steel sheet
Color: Standard Embossed 

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