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Electric Sliding Cold Storage Insulated Door

refrigerated door for cold room  

The electric sliding refrigerated door for cold room is based primarily on the same structure as the manual sliding refrigerated door for cold room, with the addition of an electronic control system for a single phase power output,and motor control box with a heating system in order to ensure normal operations at low temperatures.When the doors are over 3m wide,we can design a double opening electric door.Can be suited to almost any cold-room application.

Door panel: 100mm/150mm polyurethane sandwich panel.

With color steel,stainless steel, galvanized steel or aluminum, etc.

Door lock:

Material: zinc alloy , stainless steel


1.The use of polyurethane foam inside the panel ensures a smooth appearance and outstanding insulation effects.

2.This door opens and closes on a rolling track system, and once closed,gravity keeps it sealed tight.The seal is made of EPDM materials,is chemically stable,and resistant to aging.

3.The electric sliding door is equipped with a remote control and a manual switch to control door operation.The door can be stopped at any point in its operation.

4.The electric sliding door features a slow start,acceleration running,and a slow stop movement.The switchless shutter speed and torque can be adjusted to open the door.

5.The door features an anti-pinch system,so that during the closing process,if a person or object is in the way,the door will automatically revert back to an open state.

6.The frame rails are made of stainless steel,and are resistant to low temperatures,as well as strong enough to bear the weight of large doors.

Electronic Control System

A DSP control chip is imported and used as a master chip,utilizing frequency control technology.Through an encoder staging location,uses can control the door to 8 different speeds with no need to install a limit switch.At the same time,the use of an advanced permanent magnet synchronous motor is the power source for a synchronizing wheel,and together with the timing belt,optimal control is given while still retaining the power,manual conversion and automatic pinch detection functions,all to ensure the door’s safety and practically.It simplifies the electronic control system in order to ensure reliability and durability,while reducing maintenance costs.

Normal size:

2000mmW x 2600mmH and custom-made.


Have advance structure,beautiful appearance,good sealing,flexible control and long service life.

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