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Pivot Swing Insulated Door for Cold Storage

refrigerated door for cold room

refrigerated door for cold room  

The pivot swing refrigerated door for cold room can be made from either 304 stainless steel or PPGI steel sheets on the door leaf and an aluminum alloy frame.The shaft reaches up to 3mm thick,and features a sloping bottom design to increase the strength of the hermetic seal.The door width is generally up to 2 meters,making it suitable for medium sized refrigeration doors.

Door panel

100mm/150mm polyurethane sandwich panel. With colored steel,stainless steel ,galvanized steel or aluminum,etc.

Door lock:

Material: zinc alloy , stainless steel,

The door can be opened inside with the safety door lock.

Door strips:

Use special silica gel , with excellent resistance to high and low temperature , ozone and atmospheric aging, as well as good dielectric, water-repellent, physiologically inert. 

Other custom options:

Pu panel window can be added.

Normal size:

1500mmW x 2000mmH  2000mmW x 2500mmH and custom-made.


Have good performance is sealing and insulation,portable and durable.

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