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Electric Lift Cold Storage Door

refrigerated door for cold room

refrigerated door for cold room

The electric lift refrigerated door for cold room features polyurethane as the core material,and can be made of colored steel,stainless steel,galvanized steel or aluminum.These doors feature an excellent sealing effect,outstanding insulation properties and a long service life.The door also features a safety device to prevent people from being locked into the cold storage unit,making it safe and practical.The door is mostly used in big cold room warehouse.

Door panel: 50mm polyurethane sandwich panel. With color steel,stainless steel ,galvanized steel or aluminum,etc.


1.The industrial door color has white, brown, grey, silver, cream, blue, red, wood-effect color like Golden Oak, Dark Walnut, and other colors.

2.The industrial door has different pattern designs like Square Pattern, Square II pattern, 1 linear strip pattern, 3 linear strip Pattern, Flat surface, and etc. 

3.The industrial door adopts thicker aluminum-alloy frame upper and bottom finishing, the spring break protection, the cable break protection, the air-sensitive switch is standard spec. for our industrial doors. 

4.The industrial door windows are all double glazing. 

Normal size:

2400mmW x 3000mmH 2800mmW x 3000mmH and custom-made.


Reasonable structure design and strong reliability. The door can improve the performance of logistics and clean site.Save energy and improve the cooling effect.It can control the speed of automatic shutdown, improve work efficiency.

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